Verification Simplified

The Smarter Way To Assure Legitimate Membership



Continuous identity proofing is stronger than a security gate; it means people cannot return if their accounts got turned off.


TruAnon provides immediate verification, freeing you from liability for privacy and avoiding the need for review or dispute.

How It Works

Your members use TruAnon to confirm links and profiles together, so their identity is visibly trusted.

Instead of private documents, people rely on various digital counterparts. When people want to build more trust, they confirm more public things because more digital footprints means more confidence.

TruAnon means People Trust Themselves

It is simple: transparency builds trust when people confirm and connect visibly consistent links and profiles for others to view and share.

Immediately Assure Legitimate Membership

Since the option to verify is equally available, an "Unknown" badge state means that avoiding confirmation is just as clear as having confirmation.

The effect is immediate, like installing safety lights; regular people pass without distraction while fraudsters avoid the spotlight. This continuous identity verification is stronger than a security gate; it means people cannot return if their accounts are turned off.

Freedom from Dispute and Privacy Liability

TruAnon does not rely on private information, so you have no risk. Members make it work, so there are no disputes to resolve or staff to be trained.

Trust as a Service: The easy way to strengthen your business

TruAnon is an API that separates the identity portion of the account, avoiding risk and building trust. It's simple, like calling a weather service and presenting the temperature; no data is stored or processed.

You can establish a requirement for a credible identity to prevent abuse, since all users have equal access to legitimacy, and individuals with deactivated accounts are unable to reappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you cannot impersonate or masquerade using TruAnon. You cannot make multiple accounts because properties you confirm can only have one owner.

Yes, TruAnon does not rely on private information, leaving your service free from liability.

Yes, TruAnon allows any member to own and control their own privacy and offer their identity how and when they want.

Yes, people use TruAnon to boost confidence by verifying links and profiles together, and this tabulation is securely reflected on your service.

Yes, TruAnon APIs respectfully separate identity from the account, eliminating risks to your business and reducing flagged content chores.

TruAnon confirmation is immediate and continuous; 9 of 10 first-time users report being satisfied with their own report in about ten minutes.

TruAnon offers a safer, smarter and more affordable onboarding solution. The system immediately amplifies profiles, reduces staff, and creates a more trusted environment.

Stop Abusers and make it easier for community members to trust

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